Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Amazing Deals! Awesome Steals!

  So I have been shopping lateley and put together some items that I have found that are the BEST DEALS ever!!!!

  Fun stuff right? Now I will tell you guys the awesome prices for these items!
  The adorable little cupcake thumbtacks I got at JC Penny on sale for $2.50 for a box.  And the cute candles that smell delicious like fresh baked cupcakes, I got at kohls in their Valentines day stuff. They were on sale for $2.49/ each.
  On a run to Costco I picked up these items, and let me tell you these makeup remover towelettes are amazing!!!! The box of 114 count towelettes cost $14.99. They have a coupon right now on the 3 pack of Cover Girl lash blast fusion mascara for $4 off and that brought the total to $10!!!!

  Look how good these Neutrogena towelettes work! They even remove waterproof mascara without rubbing and irritating eyes!!!! Definitely one of my new favs!

  I was looking around on, and found these items in the sale section for next to nothing!! The waterproof Big Fatty Mascara was only $10. The Liquid liners where only $5.00/ each.(Colors and swatches of all of these products will be below) The Cream shadows where $2.00/each, Loose Pigment was only $1.00 (Say what!!!!) And the Matte Eyeshadow was $3.00.
                                Delinquent/ Sphynx/ Protest/ Chronic/ Ecstasy/ Radium
  Now here is some jewlery that I found on at great low prices!!!
   The Cream Rose neckolace was only $2.80! And the Lovely neckolace was $3.80! Can you believe that!!!!! WOW!
  The adorable Cupcake earring were $1.50, Hot pink rose ring was $2.80, Peach and gold rose ring was  $4.80, and the Rose bobby pins were only a whopping $1.50!!!!! 

Be sure to check all of these places out for amazing deals and awesome steals!!!!!!

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