Monday, January 9, 2012

Loose spiral curls!

    I have thick long straight hair with long layers (I also get it razored to thin it out a little bit)! My favorite hairstyle for going out is to spiral curl with a 1" curling iron. 

  To achieve this look: To damp hair I apply "Bed Head ego boost split end mender" to the tips of hair, I apply this product everytime I was my hair to help with split ends. Than I apply "Redken curl wise defining cream", Then apply "Redken clean lift 07 volume gel" to your roots. This product will give you volume. Lastly I spritz a little bit of "Matrix Design pulse thermal styling mist." 

  Now it's finally time to blow dry! While blow drying your hair filp your head upside down for extra volume! No need to stlye hair while blow drying since we are going to be using our curling iron:)  

  Once hair is completely dry, spritz hair once again with the thermal styling mist, to ensure your hair is protected from heat damage. 

  Than clip up the top half of your hair and start taking about 1 1/2" to 2" sections of hair and curling them with a 1" curling iron. I always curl the hair in the direction away from my face. (so outwards) Contintue curling every section of hair while occasionally spritzing with a volume hairspray. Once you get to the top layers decide where you want your part to be, and part your hair. 

  Continue to curl the hair outwards. I have side sweep bangs so I leave them straight, but sweep them in the direction of the curls. 

  On the crown of your head you can do some backcombing (teasing) for ultimate volume. When all hair is curled apply a good final spray of hair spray and comb through the curls with your fingers. This will allow you to put any unruley curls in their place:)

Products I used: